Monthly Archives: February 2021

Star Trek: Discovery.

The show is so not Star Trek they don’t even fight with TrekFu.

Star Trek: Discovery.

The second season is a second-rate superhero arch of “saving the universe.”

How “Joker” is just like “The Dark Knight Rises.”

“Kill the Rich” is the manifest, “progressive” content. “Revolution is revolt” is the latent, conservative form.

Films without Futures.

“The drone” sound effect taps into anxieties over meaningless process and exhausted progress.

Some “political activism” merely acts out personal problems.

Yet even more “personal traumas” are actually political problems.

Politics of oppositions.

What you call freedom, I call oppressive. My heroes are your villains. I believe I am equal, you believe I am inferior.

Language is spirit.

That’s why you need to learn many languages.

Mothers, others.

Alienation from “mother tongue,” alienation from “mother land.”

Asian American Studies as American Studies.

Also known as an understudied people of an overstudied nation-state.

I miss the days of recruitment.

Fame is increasingly a function of self-promotion.