Monthly Archives: March 2021

Our subjectivity is more than anxiety and sexuality.

Yet both anxiety and sexuality prevent us from seeing this truth.

How is written lie better than a spoken truth?

For that matter, how is a written truth truer than a spoken truth?

Verbal paradox.

Redefinition is accomplished in deeds more than in words.

Competition improves nobody.

Competition simply makes people more competitive.

Why should I go to my high school reunion?

If I want to talk to a bunch of assholes, I’ll go to work or go online.

“Neoliberalism” ceaseless commodifies, privatizes, etc.?

What you mean is capitalism. If you could only find the courage to admit you hate it.

Rhetorical force.

He droned on about the need for nuance—bluntly, of course.

You burned that bridge.

Now you’re trying to walk across it.

He dreamed of sex and wealth.

Smallness of a mind is indicated by paucity of an imagination.

Arts and crafts.

The art of thought is performance. The craft of thought yields productions.