Monthly Archives: March 2021

Perspective and prepositions.

We look from the past, with the present, towards the future.

“Twitter Followers.”

We are followers, yes. There is honestly in that naming.

From Grace Lee Boggs.

Contradiction in human terms is confrontation. Confrontation in logical terms is contradiction.

How could thinking come to an end?

So long as there is life, there will be thought.

Did you invent that?

The pride of a nationalist in their national culture is frighteningly anonymous and incredibly democratic.

Who is more delusional?

Scholars interested in ideas and truth see themselves as special. Scholars interested in prestige and power, though, believe all scholars are like them.

“I’m a believer…”

Christianity revealed both the grandeur and absurdity of belief.

Rejecting ideology is good.

The problem is the ones who say they do merely default to the dominant ideology. 

Chadha, “Blinded by the Light.”

I thank this movie for compelling me to acknowledge that Bruce Springsteen is talented.

There are essences.

But there is no essence to Essence itself.