Monthly Archives: April 2021

Why the deception?

He deceives me for his advantage; I am enraged. He deceives me for my advantage; I am humiliated.

Is social science possible?

That depends. It is possible for humanity to “discover” what it has “created”?

Do we need another war on poverty?

What about a better anti-capitalist politics instead?

Liberalism is dead.

Yet we are looking only to reactions to liberalism as alternatives. Our political experiences have far outstripped our political thinking.

I don’t need a boss.

We could also use some leaders, though.

Dear Academics.

The difference between smart and stupid is not half as important as the difference between thoughtful and thoughtless.

Black Mirror, Nosedive.

Heaven is being disliked by other people.

Difference, antagonism.

The other of the expert is the amateur; the antithesis of the expert is the generalist.

Bong Joon-ho, “Parasite.”

There is nothing romantic about oppression, least of all for the oppressed. Yet some of the privileged side with the oppressed anyways.

Bong Joon-ho, “Snowpiercer.”

Revolution, least of all in revolutionary war, redeems nothing. Yet some revolutionaries see the need for revolution anyways.