Monthly Archives: April 2021

For the Boggs.

The shortest distance between two political points is an arc.


New forms of consumption give rise to new dissatisfactions.


Expanding consumption gives rise to expanding hungers. 

The active life.

Say self-care when you mean self-care; say leisure when you mean leisure; define both independently from work and labor.

About 50% of intellectual work is bullshit.

Then again, about 50% of all work is bullshit work.

Political virtues.

From least to most important: consciousness, creativity, and courage.

We are just talking.

X: Who is this “we”? Y: I’ll leave it to you to answer such unanswerable questions.

It makes me sad.

Think about all the creativity and charisma wasted in attempts to be clever and complicated.

Do we need to rethink everything?

Maybe. But that’s not what you’re doing. You are doing the same old marketing.

Do we need to rethink everything?

Yes. Every “thing” is thought, and every thinking is already a rethinking.