Monthly Archives: May 2021

The paradox of transcendence.

The transcendent is beyond our knowledge, but not above our experience.

Capitalism is social power.

The one thing that cannot be a “big deal” is yourself, no matter how “successful” you are.

Sports I like.

Social media is for basketball, with occasional dunking. Peer-review journals are for boxing, with occasional knockouts.

Response vs react.

A challenge of being responsive is not reacting to the reactivity of others.

Everyone loves.

Everyone is a lover.

Everyone hates.

A hater habitually identifies with that feeling.

There are archipelagos of acceptance and rejection.

Then there are whole continents of ignorance, entire continents of indifference.

Brown and Imarisha, Octavia’s Brood.

All organizing is scifi. But not all scifi is organizing; much of it is institutionalizing.

Sometimes mean things are said out of meanness.

And sometimes kind things are unsaid out of meanness.

Sometimes mean things are said out of hurt.

More often mean things are said out of meanness.