Monthly Archives: July 2021

A debt is a promise.

Some promises were meant to be broken.

You’re supposed to be frustrated.

Capitalism creates demands for liberty, equality, and solidarity that it cannot possibly satisfy.

Why do I study?

I have the arrogance to anticipate that I will have something worth saying.

Self-promoting can make you more successful.

It cannot, however, make you any less stupid.

Are you criticizing that idea?

You haven’t even articulated it. You are more likely competing with it.

Why privilege time over space?

Your body may have been dislocated, but your self has never been dirempted.

What is for sale?

What the billionaires are buying from elected officials is, more than any particular policy, the assurance that the system won’t change.

Democracy is a lot of work.

Do you seriously claim to have something better to do?


Transforming desire is more satisfying than satisfying it.

So what if social life is performance?

The question is still if such a life is pleasurable.