Monthly Archives: August 2021

Liberty is autonomy.

When liberty does not include the power to “legislate,” the experience of it inevitably degenerates into “license.”

Sanders mainstreamed “socialism” in the U.S.

He could have mainstreamed “social revolution” while he was at it.

The social.

“People like us” is both a horrifying and wondrous thought.


Society must be destroyed if this society is to be defended.

I distrust people who pursue power.

But I distrust them far less than I do people who want no power at all.


You can’t be a “progressive” unless you have a notion of “progress.”

Let’s not write for algorithms.

I would rather write for the possibility of reading.

Political grammar, political time.

“What could have been” for the past, “what may well be” for the present, “what will have been” for the future.

Meritocracy isn’t based on merit.

The process that establishes meritocracy is an act of sheer domination.

Culture of commodities.

The U.S. feel for exaggeration is the worst effect of marketing.