Monthly Archives: August 2021

Listening to Bruce Reis.

I am listening with you, to us, and for all.


A mental anchor lets you creatively drift.

Yet another formulation.

Ambiguity comes from saying too little and too much.

Another formulation.

Ambiguity is contradiction plus contraction.


Ambiguity is indeterminacy plus indecision.

Public bathrooms are a paradox.

They demonstrate that the private owes its existence to the public.

NBC, “The Good Place.”

The dream is that morality is of eternal significance. The nightmare is that bureaucracy follows you even into the afterlife.

Every film is about film.

There is nothing more to be said about this topic.

That can’t be it… can it?

Raw confessions and self-exposures, ironically, are themselves deep mysteries and intricate ruses. 

Authority is not for Authors.

Most usages of “deconstruction,” “problematic,” and “performative” have nothing to do with how Big Name Theorists use them.