Monthly Archives: October 2021

What is not?

The blank pages of history shape humanity. The blank pages of your autobiography shape you.

Fixed ideas are eventually falsified.

Matters are ever changing, even when minds are not. 

Fixed ideas are eventually falsified.

Ideas are ever changing, even when minds are not. 

Appearances, perceptions.

A: Are these revolutionaries cosplaying? B: Who knows? They might be rehearsing. 

The presumption of anarchism is against authority.

The deeper assumption is that claims of authority operate to disguise sheer violence.

The Clash of Civilizations?

More like a clash of U.S. and Chinese empires.

Hiring priorities.

Whom will the managers manage? 

Hiring priorities.

Who will manage the managers?

Aims to win.

A general intellectual thinks he has “a horse in every race,” “a dog in every fight.” 

Perspective and place.

You must step outside the frame of capital to see what lies inside it.