Monthly Archives: November 2021

You are obsessed with a ghost, the USSR.

Desperate Eurocentrism keeps you from seeing that, for better and worse, China is the Marxist future.

The Individual is a fetter.

Too much “anarchism” is just the radicalization of bourgeois individuality.

Yes, I’ve joined the party.

You know, though, that I’m one of those annoying “individualists” who chaffes against party discipline.


The division of labor is only specialization under conditions of alienation.

The judgment of history.

The only thing more telling about a nation-state than how it acts when “on top” is how it acts when on the decline.

Do you think “neoliberalism” ruined the liberal arts?

Please read “Of the Expense of the Institutions for the Education of Youth” in the Wealth of Nations and get back to me. 

Youthful courage.

Let fearlessness be the child of your fears.

I’ll pass on left unity.

The only kind of unity the left needs is the unification for plurality/against unity. 

Why many hate politics.

Other kinds of order may be natural and spontaneous, but political order is unachievable outside of artifice and organization. 

This is also how history works.

Why are you making arguments on behalf of twentieth-century Russian revolutionaries? Let the dead rest.