Monthly Archives: November 2021

This is how history works.

Old Left divides can be overcome, but only on New Left terms.

Why are you so angry?

All that fury comes out of untold worry.

So long as you breathe, you are multitasking.

The question is how many things can you focus on at once?

The Legend of Korra.

Counter-revolutionary elitism must mistake the basic egalitarian claim: the claim is not that nobody is special, but rather that everyone is special. 

Everyday elitism.

She, he, or they aren’t hot enough to act that way? No, nobody is hot enough to act that way. 

What are these aphorisms doing?

They are trying to think inside and outside the commodity form.

A question for entering any room.

Does my identity need to be explained or can it be assumed?

There’s lots of writing down that rabbit hole.

It’s too bad, really, that none of it is yours.


The political question is friend or foe; the social question, high or low. 

Is society an abstraction?

Or is the individual a false abstraction away from society?