Monthly Archives: December 2021

Demand the impossible.

I would like to help a small subsets of thinkers become slightly less stupid. 

What has taken place?

Democratization: the people take the prince’s place. Secularization: humanity takes God’s place.

Wong Kar-Wai, 2046.

If 2046 is Hong Kong’s point of no return, it sure came much sooner than anticipated.

The answer is “everything.”

The question of opportunists is “What do they take as an opportunity?” 

It’s a living.

It’s easy to not get obsessed with professionalism when you think your profession is full of it.

My arguments are backed by reasons.

Most of those reasons, though, are people I know.

Reality bites.

The unimaginable is the most unimaginative.

The case for equality.

Strength attracts submission, weakness suffers domination.

It takes time to be humane.

It takes even more time to be human.

This book is boring.

It was written out of fear and it will be read with fear.