Monthly Archives: January 2022

I defer to your own judgment.

If that research feels pointless during this crisis, that’s your body’s way of saying it was pointless all along.

Another epistemology of ignorance.

Most U.S. Americans could not acknowledge the US empire before its collapse became too obvious to ignore. 

From Walter Rodney and Aimé Césaire.

Colonialism was fascist long before some Europeans called one variant of it fascism. 

We are way past “polarization.”

Fascists and anti-fascists are outright enemies. 

You may not think they are enemies or fascists.

Whatever they call themselves, though, fascists prove themselves enemies to anyone who is not a fascist. 

Is politics more like debate or war?

Sadly, the force of argument fails before the argument of force.

Are we at the “socialism or barbarism” crossroads?

I’m not sure if socialism is the only way forward. Yet I am sure the barbarism path is quite clearly before us.

So now you want to talk about whiteness?

If you are only now coming to look at different things, you definitely need to look at things differently.

Social media influencer.

Academic celebrities need us much more than we need them. 


Radical movements not only expand the terrain of what is politically possible; they also enlarge the horizons of what is politically thinkable.