Monthly Archives: February 2022

“Kengan Ashura.”

This anime is deeply anxious that the corporate world is routinized boredom; hence it fantasizes the corporate underground of hyper-masculine brutality.

Old school media.

I don’t write for followers. I still write for readers.

How could you create new knowledge?

You don’t know the old knowledge that would make it meaningful.

July 4th thought.

We need better delusions.

There are no other people.

There is no other place. Hell is anger, greed, and delusion.

There is no neutral definition of politics.

There are only democratic, liberal, capitalist, fascist, anarchist, socialist, etc. conceptions of politics.

The fear that democracy will break down is a defense.

It is a defense against the fact that democracy has already broken down and has always been broken.

How much is that space worth?

We clawed tooth and nail for every centimeter of hostile terrain. 

Racial liberalism is liberalism.

Racial capitalism is capitalism. The racial bit is not a specification of kind, but a reminder against willful forgetting.

Steps ahead.

Every centimeter the strong adversary concedes is a space that it has co-opted in advance.