Monthly Archives: March 2022

Nothing left to be afraid of.

Covid19 made it all too clear that Asians in the West have always been vulnerable and expendable. 

Objectivity, maintenance.

Social scientists who whine the most about “objectivity” are the most shamelessly in it for themselves.

So what do you do?

The job of management is to reap outrageous rewards for making terrible decisions.

Global body politic.

A defensible patriotism is just true humanism practiced in your neck of the world.

Politics and/or ethics.

Political responsibility demands that we take sides. Ethical responsibility demands that you question the division into sides.

Go figure.

A show called “Westworld” is crawling with Orientalist cliches.

Things indifferent.

Free will is a philosophical question I lack the requisite cultural heritage to appreciate.

The MCU has it completely backwards.

An oppressive world run by supervillains is not the one we fear to come, but the one we live in now. 

You think people are awful.

Just wait until you hear about capitalism and empire.

Not that serious.

You talk like John Brown, but you act like Tim Wise.