Nothing left to be afraid of.

Covid19 made it all too clear that Asians in the West have always been vulnerable and expendable. 


  1. I’ll admit to being fed ignorance of this history. Like almost all “educated” Americans, I knew absolutely nothing at all about United States vs. Wong Kim ark, or the Alien Land Law of 1913. Thanks to “Race: Are We So Different,” by Alan H. Goodman, Yolanda T. Moses, and Joseph L. Jones, I can see this abominable past more clearly.
    Also, the May 2022 PBS documentary “Try Harder?” showed another, more contemporary version of Asian-American life in this former headquarters of eugenics. You’re in a tough field to navigate.

    1. Glad you were able to find these important resources. I think the sooner the better these histories and politics are taught, the better. We (our university’s institute for Asian/Asian American studies) are working w/educators who want to teach this curriculum at the K-12 level.

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