Monthly Archives: March 2022

What is the true impossibility?

If you think revolution is impossible, just wait until you hear about keeping things the same. 

Self is self-reflexive.

The self is both invented and inventor, author and fiction.

Nerdy, cool

Nerdy people who know they are cool doing nerdy things > cool people who think they are nerdy doing cool things.

It’s all a manner of speaking.

Thinking is silently speaking to yourself, writing is silently speaking with others.

Singer, “X-Men: Days of Future Past.”

The liberal question is violence or non-violence. The left question is emancipation or anti-emancipation.

Who needs “Back to the Future”?

“X-Men: Days of Future Past” is that rare time travel movie, where the point is to both appreciate the present and change the future.

The crossroads.

Barbarism or socialism, fascism or abolition. 

Authoritarianism or not.

The stakes of our all-around crises are so simple and clear that it will take decades of academic theory to make things complex and obscure again.

Adorno et al, “The Authoritarian Personality.”

The book would have been far stronger had it also centered anti-blackness where it centered anti-semitism. 

To what end?

Being massively opinionated means nothing if you aren’t committed to something.