Monthly Archives: April 2022

Everyday people.

Let’s talk half as tough to our bosses as we do online with each other.

Beauty and Wisdom.

What lasts much longer than fresh and hip? 


Too many academics act like administrators-in-waiting.


The main skill of elite academics is winning positions and awards.

Trumpists are “masks off.”

I liked them better with their masks on.

Intellectual history.

The background of normalcy that made liberal thought compelling is long gone.


A short chapter in the history of political theory.

Professional advice.

The easiest way to keep “professional advancement” in perspective is to remember that your profession is full of it.

It was a turd when it left your body.

You should not be polishing it, much less promoting it.

Velvet glove.

The hidden hand of the market is precisely what keeps homo economicus in check.