Monthly Archives: April 2022

Can’t tell who is an egalitarian?

Just listen to tone of voice and turn of phrase.

Liberals, for all their talk of humility, are extremely arrogant.

Just because they can’t imagine what comes after liberalism doesn’t mean we can’t achieve it.

Kirstie McClure.

The farther I get from graduating, the less I talk about my Ph.D. supervisor, but the more I have internalized her authority.

Why don’t I give it my all?

Why would I give them that much?

Why wouldn’t I give it my all?

I am only interested in minimal participation in their system, a minimal mutilation of myself. 

I talk a lot of shit.

But only in general, that is, against people who don’t exist.

You want to talk about the epistemology of ignorance.

You do realize that you are the epistemology of ignorance, right? Oh right… of course you don’t.

Reality is the alternative.

Liberalism is an unbelievably unimaginative world of make-believe.