Monthly Archives: June 2022


The transition from adversary to be debated to enemy to be defeated marks the shift from politicized intellectual to intellectualized politics. 

After the intellectual catastrophe.

You know, it is possible to discuss ideas without promoting “yours.”

Save our school?

A university system that is not transformed from the bottom up is not worth saving. 

Part versus whole.

I trust my institution; plus, institutions are necessary. I distrust my bosses, who are not. 

Behavioral economics claims we are irrational.

We claim that behavioral economics has a too-narrow definition of rationality. 

Debate neither over free speech.

Confront rather than ignore alt-righters. Ignore rather than confront liberal intellectuals.

The point of freedom?

The point of freedom is to live free.

Why don’t I go back to where I come from?

You’ve missed the point entirely. It is as an American that I say this country is a disaster.

Hierarchy mongers insist they treat everyone equally poorly.

What a shame they never thought of treating everyone equally well.

A plea for forgiveness.

The mentor who is hard on you is likely twice as hard on themselves.