Monthly Archives: July 2022

There are no singular, overwhelming intellects.

There is only “general intellect” that misrecognizes its own process of production.

There are no intellectual giants on misty cliffs.

There is only a narcissism of minor differences refracted and magnified out of all proportion.

How could we stand on the shoulders of giants?

All humans are basically the same size. Why don’t we just talk, face-to-face.

Centrism is neither a position nor a force.

Centrism is rather parasitic on left and right positions, falling and rising forces.


Amateurism in scholarship ranges far wider than our expertise, yet not as far as our ignorance.

Are my sights set too high or too low?

I think the primary task of thinking is to make us less stupid and more clear about our stupidities.

It is hard to escape traditions.

The modern world, for instance, is full of anti-traditional traditionalism or traditional anti-traditionalism.

What did you expect?

Don’t criticize your students for “gaming the system” if you test and discipline like a bureaucrat; don’t criticize their parents for acting like customers when your workplace treats them like revenue streams.

Form versus content.

Social antagonism articulated on social media is immediately absorbed into the investment, competitive, and productive dynamics of data-driven capitalism.

I’d say about half.

How many of those “sophisticated critiques” of progress were meant to keep our societies the same and us in our place?