Neoliberalism, liberalism, capitalism,

Neoliberalism erases the thin line between liberalism and capitalism. “Neoliberal capitalism,” then, is redundant in a way that “liberal capitalism” was not.


  1. Except that neoliberalism is conservatism.

    1. On my usage/understanding, and these terms aren’t particularly precise, Anglophone progressives (a.k.a. “liberals”) and conservatives are both currently neoliberal. In a previous era of capital accumulation, both progressives and conservatives were liberal (in the sense of philosophy of liberty).

      1. My understanding is that it’s primarily a feature of the right side of the political and economic spectrum, especially when it comes to widespread market deregulation. But one does have wiggle-room with language in the creative sphere.

  2. So yes this is where our usages diverge. I believe the Democratic Party under Clinton and Obama took a neoliberal turn, especially around free trade (e.g. NAFTA, Transpacific Partnership).

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