Monthly Archives: September 2022


That state was never liberal democratic; it was democratic liberal all along. Similarly, that movement was never authoritarian neoliberal; it was neoliberal authoritarian all along.

Calling for judgment.

All the fury over wearing a mask in commercial spaces is suggestive of the need to judge certain feelings invalid and whole swathes of experiences false.

All those opinions and no place to go.

Better put your ideas into social experiments, where they are tested, than on social media, where they simply multiply.

Why I refuse to “stay in my lane.”

Specialization, expertise, and professionalism are valuable as technical and economic ideals. Generality, commonsense, and amateurism are the corresponding intellectual and political ideals.

Most academics are mostly harmless.

Every so often, though, I find myself making a mental note to stay off this one’s shitlist. Just in case the revolution comes.

The true cannibals.

Rich people screaming eat the rich.


They say anarchism is 50% molotov cocktails, 50% community gardens. Which I suppose makes socialism 50% union organizing, 50% internet burns.

“Don’t be shy. Promote yourself!” makes a telling mistake.

It imagines that personal failing is the only reason not to increase your value as human capital.

Keep your intellectual friends close.

Keep your microaggressive, passive-aggressive co-workers even closer.


Are you writing for your peers or for our future?