Monthly Archives: October 2022

Liberal commitments.

Ideas of loyal oppositions and agonistic respect presuppose a shared constitutional and cultural framework. They make no sense outside of it, and keep us inside of it.

This one’s optimistic.

What certain “post-modernists” hate about “grand histories of progress,” I suspect, is its psychology more than its teleology.

Wholes and parts.

Ratiocination is a wholesale replacement of thinking, which is done with the entire self, with calculation, the smallest part of thinking.

My name isn’t “Lee.”

It’s “Fred.” And for you, it’s “Professor Lee.” If you are trying to say “I’ll call you whatever I want,” let me assure you that you can’t.

Still seeking centrality.

Anyone who thinks “the world system” is centered on Europe and North America is desperate for a significance long gone. 

Speculative fiction.

Imagine a world where everything begins and nothing ever ends. 

Reason sees reasons to doubt.

Passion feels one way and then another. Commitment alone breaks these deadlocks of skepticism and ambivalence.

It cries out for psychoanalysis.

Social scientists spend all night with large datasets filled with hard data.

All roads may lead to Rome.

Don’t wait until Rome falls to forge new paths.

Imagine the vacuum of space surrounding you.

There’s no need to imagine; you are already living inside a hostile, unlivable environment.