Monthly Archives: December 2022


We’re overworked and underpaid, overqualified and undervalued, over it and underwhelmed. 

Form > content.

Anyone whose primary activity is legibly “academic” is primarily liberal in practice, no matter what they preach or profess. 

This is about scholarship.

There is no problem with white people doing Black or Indigenous studies. The problem is people doing white Black studies or white Indigenous Studies.  

I’m no longer dreaming.

I’m watching short films and video clips. 

Certification versus consciousness.

Fancy degrees, even fancier words, and yet fancier math, cannot make up for an elementary lack of insight.

President 45 represents the decline of a once-hegemonic ideal.

Too many US Americans are in denial that he is exactly who they’ve been, are, or aspire to be. 

Vincent and Brackley, “Humans.”

The show only engages with the future insofar as it is a British attempt to work through colonial history.

Bold and bald?

It takes no boldness to make bald assertions.


I am mostly indifferent to my “foreignness,” that is, the fact of having been born in and having lived in a country of your nativism my entire life. 

Frame of reference.

No reference without framing.