Monthly Archives: January 2023

Management-worker relations.

Consultation and consent works when the getting is good enough. Neither consultation nor consent will cut it when the going gets rough.

Reason, reception.

That you enjoy pushing pencils and others around isn’t the reason I dismiss your theories and arguments… but, believe me, it doesn’t help.

Analytic of snark.

A: What does “Asian” even mean? B: Have you heard of “floating signifiers”?


The “-isms” function less like religions and more like “identity politics.” 

Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.

Are you saying “You are welcome” or “You’re welcome”?

It’s hard to avoid resentment when you are dominated.

It is almost impossible when the domination is entirely imaginary.

These are not equivalents.

Left: the existence for struggle. Right: the struggle for existence.

More specifically.

The key to psychology is to depersonalize without dehumanizing. 

Social science depersonalizes.

That is our power of analysis. Social science dehumanizes. That is the danger of thingification.

What do these qualifiers do?

The “capitalist” in capitalist markets is not redundant, but a necessary specification; the “racial” in racial capitalism is redundant, but a necessary reminder.