Monthly Archives: February 2023

Segregation, apartheid, and borders are futile.

It is the nature of worlds and words to connect. 

Politics, culture.

It is up to political culture to complexify what cultural politics simplifies.

There were some mistakes.

There was also some learning. I’ll take it.

I didn’t do a perfect job.

It’s okay. My job is not to be perfect. 

The presumption is everything is political.

The burden is on you if you claim something is not.

Classroom politics.

A teacher who argues with their students has already lost the authority to teach them. 

All praise to the poets.

Poets know unusual words and, even better, how to use them. 

An intentional ambiguity.

We can’t change ourselves without changing the world. 

The two US parties aren’t the same.

Even where the center exercises power, the right exercises leadership. 

We are not the same.

You received that WASP name from a position of cultural strength; I received the name “Frederick Irwin” from a position of cultural weakness.