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1. Theism 2. Free will 3. Free speech.

Three debates I understand, but lack the requisite cultural inheritance to care about.


Producerism is even worse than consumerism.

Life is neither curse nor blessing.

It is not all that dramatic. It just is.

Liberty and license.

Liberty minus responsibility equals license.

What is a balanced balance?

A balanced imbalance is hidden war. An imbalanced balance is oppressive peace.

The Legend of Korra.

Avatar as a cop/counterinsurgency show.

The two Avatars.

Both Avatar: The Last Airbender and James Cameron’s Avatar are allegories of Westerners who take pleasure in the fantasy of inhabiting and controlling Others.

Friendliness, not friendship.

The easiest way to negotiate is to treat your “partner” as someone with nothing you need.

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder.

Talking heads who started talking about US black/white politics six weeks ago are remarkably obnoxious and opinionated about it.

Capitalist nature.

Chicago meatpackers used to say “everything but the squeal” is sellable; this is the actual source of the apocryphal idea that “Plains Indians use every part of the buffalo.”