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“You think you’re better than me?”

Unimaginative people are offended by the notion that anyone would even imagine being different than they are. 


Every day feels the same when we’re in dire need of change.

Anime, etc.

A Taiwanese American who identifies with Japanese pop culture is identifying with a colonizer any which way you cut it.

I feel rushed to get things done, though I have nothing to do.

This impulse feels natural, yet it goes nowhere.

I have always leaned Left.

I am feeling more like myself lately.

It’s okay to bite your tongue.

It’s not okay to bite until it bleeds.

Maybe it’s not about quantity.

When I started doing large lectures, I worried about having too little to say; about a decade into it, I worry about having too much.

2020 was traumatic.

It was too traumatic to experience. Hence the compulsions to repeat. 

I don’t have decision fatigue.

I have trivial decision fatigue. The real fatigue is our being tired of not making real decisions.

Cultural politics anticipate other politics.

I don’t think you’re serious about “land back” decolonization if you can’t even stop celebrating Thanksgiving.