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I do like to dialogue.

Just not all that directly. 

There are no “self-made men.”

Selves cannot be made. They can only be cultivated. Self-cultivation cannot be accomplished alone. 

Mental or manual or both?

I see your point. I hold it in tension with mine.

Everywhere, the same.

The basic gesture of elitism is non-reciprocal, asymmetrical interaction.


Some people are always coming up with new ways to put other people down.

“Blade Runner,” “Ex Machina,” “Humans,” etc.

White people would rather fantasize about robot enslavement and emancipation than face realities of colonization and dehumanization. 

The masks came off.

The sight was brutal and bloody. The forgiveness narratives can only do so much work of forgetting.

Han, “P.S. I Still Love You.”

P.S. You’re still racist.

It seems like you care.

Actual indifference is not the kind to constantly talk about and exaggerate.

By all means, learn from the past.

Just stop trying to live there.