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You’ve got loads of “followers.”

That doesn’t make you a leader.

We must cooperate against competition.

Cooperation cannot outcompete or compete against Competition.

Capitalist distributions.

From each according to his greed, to each according to his deed. 

Carl Schmitt was trapped within the liberal horizon.

His fascism is what developed when his liberalism refused to develop into socialism.

Reactionaries appropriate the term freedom to secure domination.

They admit to their parasitism on republicanism; they admit, too, their own ideal lacks appeal. 

Ideas are material.

This is why they can be destroyed.

Here to stay?

Left internationalism is the appropriate response to right nationalism; apolitical post-nationalism is the inappropriate response.  

Sanders’ “political revolution.”

A wrong step in the right direction. 

Mao’s “cultural revolution.”

A great leap in the wrong direction.

Dikotter, The Cultural Revolution.

Can such extraordinary events truly be explained by the pettiest of historical explanations?