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Extraordinary democracy is democracy’s aristocratic moment; ordinary democracy is democracy’s democratic moment. 

De Botton, “Status Anxiety.”

Quaint self-help for the bourgeois reading public that may have worked before 2008.

You can only compromise between values.

You can compromise between distinctiveness and commonality; you cannot compromise between distinctiveness and genoicide.

Other, opposite.

The other of racism is meritocracy; the opposite of racism is equality.

Is the theory of Orientalism “Orientalist”?

Is the diagnosis of pathology pathological?

Political theorists don’t think I do political theory.

Maybe I don’t. Then again, the amount of things I don’t do could fill a library.

A basic question of “radical democracy.”

Is our basic political capacity speech/action or work/production?


The language of the oppressor is not always the language of oppression.

Please be realistic.

“What is” contains not only “what was” and “what will be,” but also “what could be” and even “what could have been.”

How to live.

There are only two ways to age—badly or well.