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What is for sale?

What the billionaires are buying from elected officials is, more than any particular policy, the assurance that the system won’t change.

Democracy is a lot of work.

Do you seriously claim to have something better to do?


Transforming desire is more satisfying than satisfying it.

So what if social life is performance?

The question is still if such a life is pleasurable.

Nobody said utopia would be perfect.

We only said it will be far less imperfect than the heterotopias.


To be whole is to be part; to be part is to take part; to take part is to give wholly.

We want to move forward.

Which direction is forward? Who decides that question? Who bears this desire?

Dumb and dumber.

I am sure socialism is pure stupidity; I am also sure that capitalism is even stupider. 

Examine yourself.

Some aloofness is born of aloneness, yet much of it is born of arrogance.

For Octavia Butler.

Even long-term profits are only short-term.