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Social media influencer.

Academic celebrities need us much more than we need them. 

Spring 2020 to the present.

I have never felt like less of a political theorist, and I have never cared less about that fact.

Research agendas.

If you can’t concentrate on research because it looks pointless in light of contemporary events, it may be time to look differently at different things.

You wonder why it is dying?

Most works in academic theory express an exquisitely developed, unbelievably parochial point of view.

How could it be a single authored work?

I have never written anything by myself. You haven’t either.

Postmodernism was a fad.

Anti-postmodernism is also a fad.

“Eat, Pray, Love, Theorize.”

You’re a first world academic doing an ethnography of third world “subjects.” We get it. Now get on with it.

All your ideas are tedious.

Each one cries out “look how clever I am.”

Associate Professor status.

I got through the gate, but I’m unfortunately not through with gatekeepers.

My workplace.

There is every difference between a flawed, yet benign institution and a decent, yet malign institution.