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Reason, reception.

That you enjoy pushing pencils and others around isn’t the reason I dismiss your theories and arguments… but, believe me, it doesn’t help.

Most academics are mostly harmless.

Every so often, though, I find myself making a mental note to stay off this one’s shitlist. Just in case the revolution comes.

I’m the best, obviously.

Funny how the academics who complain most about “objectivity,” “meritocracy,” and the like are always the most shamelessly in it for themselves.


The main skill of elite academics is winning positions and awards.

Dear Academics.

The difference between smart and stupid is not half as important as the difference between thoughtful and thoughtless.

Automatic academics.

The peer reviewed journal article is our eight-legged essay.

A strong suspicion.

This professor-turned-bureaucrat has never experienced intellectual pleasure.

Beyond disciplines.

Literature is too important to leave to literary studies. Politics is too important to leave to political science.

You do European studies.

Your position as a Europeanist, however, precludes you from keeping Europe in perspective.

The idea of “original research” is producerist nonsense.

It is bad enough that academics speak this way; it is even worse when we foist it upon our students.