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There are archipelagos of acceptance and rejection.

Then there are whole continents of ignorance, entire continents of indifference.

Kishimi and Koga, “The Courage to be Disliked.”

Accept yourself; do not accept others. Confide in others; do not seek self-confidence.

Competition breeds irony.

A measure of doubleness is perhaps a necessity in a world where rejections come far more frequently than acceptances.

Everything? No thanks.

Give me nothing or give me something.

He apologizes for shameful behavior.

I rethink the argument that it is easier to forgive someone who wants to be forgiven.

Do you believe we all want happiness?

See if you can accept the implication that impediments to happiness are “external.”

It is easy to accept gifts.

It is hard to understand things as gifts.

Death doesn’t bargain.

In this case and few others, acceptance or rejection must be total.


The truly rejected comes to reject acceptance.