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Self and others.

Think for yourself; act with others.

A basic question of “radical democracy.”

Is our basic political capacity speech/action or work/production?

Political action is unpredictable.

It would not be the fault of political science were every one of its predictions to turn out to be wrong.

Morality versus moralism.

What makes the difference is personal and political action.

One cannot be authentic.

One can only act authentically.

An epiphany or event is over in a flash.

It takes the daily labor of integration and institutionalization to make its consequences permanent.

One simply begins.

If we had to know where to begin, we’d never know how to start.

You will never figure out why you did that.

The question to focus on is who you have become in doing that.

No need to keep up appearances.

Everyone knows the system is corrupt and almost nobody believes they can do anything about it.


The point at which the wind becomes a gale is like the point at which thinking forces us into action.