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Consumers are addicted to pleasures; producers are addicted to growth.

Why do you say I have a good work ethic?

I like to think; others like to drink. You wouldn’t say that an alcoholic is disciplined for raising a glass, would you?

Writing time horizons.

X: After all these years, you are still writing? Y: Yes, I am. This game is addictive and cannot be mastered.

All addictions are equally real.

Anything can become the object of addiction because anything can become the object of desire.

You are addicted.

You are also addicted to your addiction and your identity as an addict.

She seemed highly disciplined.

Upon her own account, though, she was indulging in an addiction.

No matter what their poison.

The addict is addicted to the dark cravings and petty dissatisfactions of desire.

Confessions of a gambling addict.

I cannot conceive of a pleasure that does not involve monetary risk and exchange.

Person, place, or thing.

The substitute for your addiction will not provide you satisfaction. Then again, neither will the real thing.

At least it cures apathy.

An addiction to something is sometimes the only thing that keeps one wanting anything.