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We fetishize what is no longer ours.

Fetishism is the epistemic and affective correlate to the ontological and existential conditions of alienation. 

Labor theory.

Alienation is a condition of exploitation. Exploitation is an aim of alienation.

What is the appeal of science fiction?

Our alienation is such that our commonality consists in being-out-of-this-world.


The division of labor is only specialization under conditions of alienation.

Mothers, others.

Alienation from “mother tongue,” alienation from “mother land.”

Who cares how good my 中文 gets?

My true home is not language; it is rupture and alienation, reiteration and dislocation. 

The Columbian Exchange is well-named.

As with most modern exchanges, it was brutal, alienating, and unequal.


Seekers of alien life ask if we are alone. Alienated seekers of life ask if I am alone.  

Nothingness is no void.

It is more like somebody staring into something strange in the mirror.

Everyone is your friend at the rest areas.

But they become idiots who can’t drive the minute you get back on the interstate.