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Let’s say you are alone for the rest of your life.

All we’re saying is that you will be alive for the rest of your life.

How to get alone with others.

Get ready to take everyone as “other.”

Individualistic liberty.

It is the liberty to do what I want in my way, for my reasons, under circumstances of my choosing. Notice I did not say “with whomever I want.”

I’m not lonely.

I’m slightly agitated with our human condition of aloneness.


The commonplace “to die alone” makes Death out to be poor company indeed.

Seen a few.

This strange creature appears to be unobserved while eating alone publicly.

Each faces death alone.

When most alone, we dwell on death. 

Who’s counting?

Eating three meals a day with my relatives overseas, I remembered all the meals that I’ve eaten alone stateside.

All the more true when we’re alone.

Checking the time every 10 minutes for no scheduling reason is a sure sign of boredom.

Select benefits of invisibility.

Right in front of you, I marvel at how easily I can exercise my right to be left alone.