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“Angry Asian Man.”

Not all anger is born of vanity; some of it is grounded on self-respect .

Piss off, tailgater.

You will get to your very own nowhere soon enough.

Global 1%.

This first world leftist feels an inordinate amount of anger and resentment at the slightly more privileged.

Hungry spirits.

The anger that you feed will eat you alive.

Appropriate anger.

If the fit fits, throw it.

A bridge that will burn itself out.

My anger is the last link between you and me.

Bitter skepticism.

Are you truly angry that They are foolish enough to believe in the Cause? It be that you are envious that They believe in anything at all.

You don’t deserve my anger.

You have full rights to my pity, and with a little work, my contempt. 

I don’t get angry, I get ironic.

And I am very ironic with you right now.

Anger is pollution.

I can hardly breathe.