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Aims to win.

A general intellectual thinks he has “a horse in every race,” “a dog in every fight.” 

An insult to animals.

The magic of egoism transformed you halfway into a toad and then into a complete ass.

These animals deserve no blame for scavenging.

Our society, though, deserves some blame for breeding all these vultures and hyenas.

Animals, arts.

A political animal, like a martial artist, must first figure out a fighting style.

Legal inconsistency.

It’s legal to eat animals, but illegal to have sex with them? At least in the latter case, there is the slight possibility the animal will have a good time.

From instinct to desire.

The difference between the sexuality of humans and that of other species is that humans spend all their time talking about it.

When did people fall off the agenda?

First, animal liberation. Next comes plants. Third, the liberation of robots. Fourth…