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Difference, antagonism.

The other of the expert is the amateur; the antithesis of the expert is the generalist.

How is the personal political?

The personal is the political not because power is exercised there, but rather because antagonism is ever present.

Classifying classes.

a1. poor, lower middle class, middle class, upper middle class, rich a2. poor, working class, middle class, rich b1. poor versus rich b2. working class versus non-working class c1. individualism c2. humanism

You seek a politics beyond antagonism.

In actuality, you seek a practice outside of politics.

Life is contradiction.

Antagonistic contradiction—now that is politics.

Guns, guns everywhere.

Want to turn public space into a war zone? First, weaponize speech; next, arm everyone.

Antagonistic interdependence.

A recognition of interdependence can bring even greater strife; take, for example, friends who recognize their dependence upon enemies.

The “Freaks and Geeks” fallacy.

The revelation of someone’s “insecurities” makes social antagonism disappear.

Equality and antagonism.

Honestly hostility is more respectful than patronizing “pleasantness.”

Sexual antagonism.

Butch/femme or top/bottom dyads do not “imitate” an “original” heterosexual man/women dyad. Such binaries exist for the structural reason that sexuality is an antagonistic division.