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“Eat, Pray, Love, Theorize.”

You’re a first world academic doing an ethnography of third world “subjects.” We get it. Now get on with it.

He is a half-baked Nietzschian.

Well, Nietzsche himself is a bit raw.

Of course we need skyscrapers.

Where else would we store all those bullshit jobs?

A symbolic efficacy.

What you never had is something you can give, lose, and hold.

Amateur anthropology.

When I lived in Ohio, I went out for country fried steak weekly.

Do I believe in “human nature”?

That depends—is “human” meant as a compliment or an insult?

What I’ve learned from anthropology.

The in-between is impure. Relationships arise in between entities. Hence no relationship is pure.


True, the tribe was forbidden to eat this animal, but this prohibition (like all prohibitions) was tongue-in-cheek. It was the “civilized” who confused literal with metaphoric reference so badly that they thought these “primitives” believed themselves actual kin to animals.