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“The Protestant Ethic.”

It is amazing how much status achievement can be driven by status anxiety alone.

Our subjectivity is more than anxiety and sexuality.

Yet both anxiety and sexuality prevent us from seeing this truth.

Taiwanese and Taiwanese American.

Chen Kuan-Hsing is anxiously at home in Taiwan; I am anxiously not-home in the United States.

Sure, the walls are closing in.

But only because you’re dashing towards them.

Look—do not touch!

The displacement of utopian by dystopian fiction is effected by conservative anxieties.

It’s just that kind of thing.

Anxiety remains diffuse and mobile even after its origin and cause have been identified.

Two kinds of emptiness.

The first is enduring tranquility, the other is constant anxiety.

Restless and anxious?

To be unable to sit still after work is to underline that nothing has been accomplished.

Why worry that a great artist influences your work?

I would be more worried about the influence of a mediocre artist.

The system of justifying the system.

Affirmative action enrages privileged groups because they are anxious their own status will be exposed as “unearned.”