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The system of justifying the system.

Affirmative action enrages privileged groups because they are anxious their own status will be exposed as “unearned.”

Democratic anxieties.

What frightens me about assertions of equality is how many are spoken out of fear.

Social status.

It is hard to get worked up about status when you don’t have a society.

You were already paranoid and anxious.

So don’t blame the THC. Thank the drug for enhancing your self-awareness.


Fear of silence is a characteristically social anxiety; fear of being silenced is a characteristically political preoccupation.

What comes first?

It is an act of contempt to assert that fear or anxiety has existential priority over courage and calm.

You obsess over Opinion.

It appears to be a defense against the anxiety of Belief.


What the atheist fears most is the possibility that the story of “one life in one world” is the anxiety-ridden fantasy.

What does it matter if I succeed or fail?

There is anxiety and unhappiness on either side.

Fear and anxiety.

Fleeing from what it presumes to be nothingness, secularism runs straight into the arms of the afterlife.