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Another definition.

Aphorism is the philosophy of the moment.

A working self-definition.

An aphorist is a writer who reasons that rationalizations are wordy.

An aphorism is a monad.

If I were into dialogue, I wouldn’t be into aphorism.

Aphorism > hashtag.

This is not a sentence.

A line stands on its own.

A non-line needs the support of surrounding sentences.

Ask the aphorist.

No statement can be sealed with the sign “no exit.”

Art of aphorism.

I learned to think slowly, one fragment at a time.

My preferred definition.

An aphorism is the literary form of an intuition whose elaboration would obscure rather than illuminate.


The first principle of my worldview is that the world cannot be viewed as one.

Why I like aphorisms.

There’s no room in an aphorism to be boring.