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Judgment without apology.

X: I generally don’t like Starbucks, etc., but I really like this Starbucks, etc. Y: There’s no reason to be apologetic about possessing the faculty of judgment.

He apologizes for shameful behavior.

I rethink the argument that it is easier to forgive someone who wants to be forgiven.

“Bully Beatdown”: a case study in charity.

A virtuous expert intervenes to defend a hapless victim against an evil aggressor. The result? The aggressor insincerely apologizes, the victim remains passive, and the expert gives away their earnings.

Have I insulted your honor?

Then I owe you a small apology. You had not that much honor to insult.

Apology and forgiveness.

True apology means apologizing for the totally justifiable. True forgiveness means forgiving the completely unforgivable.


How often do rich people say “thank you” or “sorry”?


If I have caused you any suffering, I am deeply sorry—not to mention, secretly flattered.

Priorities, priorities.

Before you demand an apology, you might ask to be forgiven.

Not an apology.

“I’m sorry that I offended you” is aggressively unapologetic; the speaker makes the wrong one-sidedly subjective.