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Philosophy is a mirror.

What appears therein depends on who is looking and how they look.

Back of the class.

Even when you do show up, you don’t.

I am dressed to the nines.

But the appearance of a perfect ten is only sustainable in total privacy.  

Another look.

The trick is to see that this “how things are not” is built into the “how things are.”

Be careful what you look for.

The eye always on the lookout for hypocrisy has looked right past the reality of appearances.

A split which partakes of itself.

The distinction between appearance and reality is both appearance and reality.

Hiding out.

Anything that appears appears to be something other than it is.

There is no capitalism; there are only capitalisms.

The internet-finance stage of capital inverts the imperialist-industrial stage: the symbolic ascends to the position of “reality,” while the material sinks into the position of “appearance.”

Seen a few.

This strange creature appears to be unobserved while eating alone publicly.

The spoken and the true.

In the rare event that words reveal the truth, rest assured that no one says until it shows.