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He wasn’t trying to show off—he was only trying to show up.

You don’t care if you look like a fool.

Then again, you never looked that good to begin with.

No need to keep up appearances.

Everyone knows the system is corrupt and almost nobody believes they can do anything about it.

Jones, “Moon.”

The isolated self plays with itself in a personal world of semblances. Only a radical action can re-insert this self into the public world of appearances.

Pretty ugly.

Attractive and unattractive people will complain about the importance placed on appearances for entirely opposed, but equally self-interested reasons.

For the sake of appearances.

A society which glorifies performance will idolize its actors and actresses.

Hypocrisy only in appearances.

A public hypocrite appears fake to others and real to oneself. A private hypocrite appears real to others and fake to oneself.

New guises.

Shortly after modern religions appear as corporations, modern philosophies will start to appear as Twitter feeds.