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Extraordinary democracy is democracy’s aristocratic moment; ordinary democracy is democracy’s democratic moment. 

So what if Disney movies are sexual.

The actual obscenity is that they teach children to romanticize aristocrats.

De Tocqueville, “Democracy in America.”

Only an American could think that democracy is merely a form a government; for anyone with experience of aristocracy, democracy is clearly a form of society.

Lord Sesshomaru, the aristocrat.

Inuyasha, you dismembered me with my rightful inheritance. My half-brother, you truly are a half-breed if you think that changes anything between us.

Aristocracy in democracy.

The demos tells the aristocrat that he doesn’t exist. The people are half right: democracies have no aristocratic orders, only aristocratic spirits.

Human dignity is somewhat oxymoronic.

For dignity is just the democratic way of expressing aristocratic honor.