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Put another way.

The political function of art is to show that the status quo cannot be kept.

Arts and crafts.

The art of thought is performance. The craft of thought yields productions.

Suffering for your art?

More like suffering from a cliché.

For Elliott Smith.

A distorted reality is now a necessity to be free. A clear dream will be a freedom out of necessity.

What is art again?

Placing a toilet behind a cordon is the art of misplacing a toilet.

What is art?

Art fills emptiness with its own enunciation.

Creative paradox.

The circuitous path is the beaten one and the only way forward.

Blue Scholars, “Joe Metropolitan.”

Geo doesn’t walk places. He marches everywhere.

Sorry, Dumbfounded and Clara C.

Mainstream Americans would prefer to watch Psy dance around like a horse to a track written in a language they can’t understand.

The art of studying.

There is a value in studying something closely, even if that something is not worth knowing.